Water purification pitcher (up to - 400 ORP) - green

Cana de purificare a apei (pana la -400 ORP) verde


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Water purification pitcher (up to - 400 ORP) - green

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The Water Purification Pitcher from Freeways transforms water into a biological, "living water"!


How important is the WATER?

"You can drink tons of water, but if you lack micronutrients to turn it into" living water, "dehydration occurs at the cellular level! Drinking water can pass through the body without actually hydrating, and we believe that if we drank enough, we are certainly healthy! Water is the most important thing we can offer to our body, but only a really good drinking water can generate health and longevity.

Alkaline, ionized and microstructured water is essential to the body due to its incomparable antioxidant capacity, deep tissue hydration and detoxification, able to slow down the aging process and trigger cell regeneration processes.

With its ion-rich content, ionized alkaline water has a high antioxidant power due to the high potential of oxidoreduction (ORP or potential redox), which is one of the major and essential qualities of ionized alkaline water.

The desirable value is a negative one because a positive ORP indicates a greater oxidation capacity and implicitly damage to DNA, cells and tissues, causing aging and disease.


Tehnical specifications:

Freeways Purification Mug:

1. Provide a mean alkaline pH of the water (9.5), that is about 100 times more alkaline than drinking water with a neutral pH of 7

2. Oxidation Reduction Potential ORP up to - 400 *

3. Ensures decontamination, softening and water denitration

4. Filtration capacity: 2 l of water

5. Validity of the filter cartridge for 300 l of water or 2 months of use

6. Detachable cartridge with the possibility to be changed

7. Very affordable price

The Water Filter from Freeways, pleasant designed and easy to handle, is equipped with a filter cartridge made up of 6 filters that ensure both decontamination, softening, water denial, and outstanding alkaline, antioxidant qualities, rich in colloidal minerals. The water introduced into this cup passes the top-down filter cartridge.


The filter cartridge consists of 6 filters:

Filter 1: made up of a cotton-based material, which is designed to perform a first water filtration, eliminating particles larger than 1 micron.

Filter 2: composed of special balls loaded with potentially negative particles with alkalinizing and ionizing water, produced by special technology.

At this filter, the water gets alkaline qualities, an average pH of 9.5 and antioxidant properties to neutralize free radicals. This water will be characterized by an oxidoreduction potential (potential redox = ORP) with max. -400 *, which will provide a powerful effect of annihilation of acids in the body, oxidants and, implicitly, regeneration and anti-aging effect.

Filter 3: microporous activated carbon charcoal with a high absorbing surface eliminates: color, odor and taste unpleasant, turbidity, free chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenols, volatile organic compounds, trichlorethylene, benzene, trihalomethanes, trichloroethane, chloroform and hundreds of other contaminants that may be present in water.

Filter 4: composed of ion-exchange resin as:

1. Softening: Balances the calcium and magnesium levels

2. Denitration: by changing nitrite salts in other salts

After running this filter, the water has adjusted calcium and magnesium values, is more "soft" and more pleasant to taste.

Filter 5: composed of turmaline granules with infrared radiation and kaolin (a natural aluminosilicate), as well as other components processed by nanoscale spraying technology; they are supported by ceramic balls, the role of the filter being energizing and mineralizing.

Ceramic beams with infrared radiation emit a very poor current (0.06 mA), perfectly compatible with the human body, and with particularly beneficial effects; can actually absorb lead, chromium and other heavy metals.

Another function of this filter, through infrared radiation, is to energize and activate the water:

1. Gradually release 20 easily absorbable trace elements

2. Break down large molecules of water into smaller molecules (clusters), the form in which water is better absorbed into cells and tissues

3. Release large amounts of oxygen

Generate negative ions

Filter 6: has the role of ensuring the stability of the entire filter cartridge.

* The ORP value may vary due to temperature fluctuations, water source, periodic calibration of measuring instruments and their performance, and the influence of other factors.

The accuracy of the measurements can only be obtained in specialized laboratories.



Benefits of ionized and microstructured alkaline water:

1. Contributes to good functioning of the cardiovascular and kidney apparatus

2. Contributes to good functioning of the pancreas by regulating blood glucose

3. Contributes to maintaining normal weight and improving digestion

4. Contributes to preserving the youth of cells due to its antioxidant capacity

5. Contributes to deep body hydration 6 times more than regular water

6. Regulates body temperature

7. Contributes to lubrication and elasticity of the joints

8. Improves the taste of foods, preserves their vitamins, decreases the acidity of foods

9. Boils and cools much faster than regular water

10. Neutralizes the bitter taste of some vegetables

11. Boosts the flavor of coffee, tea and juice

12. Contributes to the supply of nutrient cells

13. Contributes to the elimination of toxins and residual materials of metabolic processes

14. All chemical reactions in the body take place in an aqueous environment

15. Enzymes and proteins work more efficiently in a diluted state

16. Protects the eyes and other vital organs of the body

17. Moistens the breathing air.


It is also very useful for animals:

1. It produces the growth and wear of the coat

2. Reduces their unpleasant smell

3. Prevents skin and itching

4. Helps to prevent parasites.