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250 Euro
250 Euro VAT exclusive

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You can have your own E-commerce site with commercial and logistical support from the company and you earn 20% commission from the orders of your Customers.

E-shop benefits:

  1. Update and maintenance: you will enjoy a site always updated and updated, synchronized with the official site.
  2. Customizable elements: you can configure the Freeways website according to your own preferences, you can choose which products and promotions you want to promote.
  3. Logistics and distribution: once placed the order by your client, we take care of its delivery, collection and shipment of products by courier.
  4. EU-wide coverage: we offer you a website translated into several languages ??and send beginnings at EU level.

When purchasing the E-SHOP subscription you will receive 120 points which will be divided as follows: 10 points / month for 12 consecutive months and will activate you for the following types of commissions:

  • Commissions table
  • Commissions from Clients
  • Founder Package Commissions
  • Commissions in Packages 1 + 1
  • Commissions from the E-Shop

The E-SHOP subscription offers for 12 months:

  • Your own e-commerce site
  • 20% commission from Clients
  • Website translated into several languages ??and delivery in 29 countries
  • Commercial and logistic support from the company
  • Activation for the main types of Freeways commissions