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Essential Oils Diffuser -

88 Euro
74 Euro VAT exclusive
SKU: FRW0091

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Package contains:

  • Essential Oils diffuser
  • USB charging cable

Tehnical specification:

  • Rated voltage: DC5V
  • Rated power: 1W
  • Battery life: 20h
  • Size: 68mm x 108mm
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • 3 levels of intensity that adjust according to the room size.
  • Operating cycle: 1 minute of diffusing / 1 minute pause.
  • Automatically stop after 2h of continuous use.

User guide:

  • Press the bottom button of the diffuser firmly to remove the nozzle.
  • Unscrew the bottle and fill it, then screw the bottle back in place.
  • Insert the nozzle into the diffuser


  • At first use, the diffuser must be fully charged, otherwise it will not start.
  • Do not disassemble or modify this product for any purpose, as this may cause product damage
  • After being loaded with essential oil, it is forbidden to lean the diffuser, otherwise the liquid will cause serious damage to the product.
  • When refilling the bottle with oil, please turn off the diffuser.
  • Do not use the diffuser in an environment where the temperature is too low or too high.