Pitta Dosha essential oil 20 ml

Pitta Dosha essential oil 20 ml


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Pitta Dosha essential oil 20 ml

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Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with extraordinary therapeutic properties. The process of using essential oils for therapeutic purposes is called aromatherapy, an effective method that uses the natural, aromatic and volatile molecules of certain plants. These natural volatile aromatic compounds are found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the plant. Freeways essential oils have great properties both in their simple state and in combinations. After multiple studies and tests, we have created both simple essential oils, that offer extraordinary benefits and complex formulations made up of 5 essential oils that act together to ensure the health of the body. Freeways essential oils belong to the super premium products category, due to their innovative formulations, raw material quality and production processes.

Three special technologies are used in the production process:

1. Cold-pressing and hydrodistillation (without hexane, solvents or alcohol)

Cold pressing is an effective method of non-invasive extraction of plant essences, avoiding the oxidative process. Using a specially designed press, in optimal temperature conditions, this extraction ensures the keeping of the properties and efficiency that essential oils hold.

Hydrodistillation consists in extracting essential oils with steam. Thus, the pre-soaked plant material is heated, and the volatile materials are transported by steam, which is then condensed and separated.

These processes do not involve the use of chemical substances, thus guaranteeing the preservation of all the extraordinary plants properties.

2. Checking the oils purity by sensitive crystallisation

This is a method of determining the vitality of the living matter, and its application in the context of essential oils is extremely difficult given their specific power. This technology allows a quantification of the potency and quality of essential oils, based on the description of the interaction with the living matter, the information power and even the degree of naturalness they hold. Based on this process, there are highlighing very subtle and special details of the oils

3. Alchemical activation with gold

Another technology we use is called alchemical activation and it is a modern procedure that aims to imprint products in an energetic manner. For the range of Freeways essential oils, we have chosen to make this activation with gold. The process is accomplished by simultaneously exposing the mixture of oils and gold through a vortex motion. This happens in the essential oil or the mixture of essential oils subjected to "structuring". The method is specific to the Ayurveda medical system, being used for thousands of years. Originally, it was meant for the information-energy imprinting of water, usually using gold, silver or copper.


Pitta tipology:

The body is athletic, does not give the impression of massiveness but refinement and elegance in movements. Metabolism is fast, so you can easily lose weight. He has no resistance to the effort, but one gets through training. Vitality is good, but requires more rest and relaxation. Nutrition should be balanced: cooked food, salads and crudities, depending on the amount of effort you have made. They prefer cooler or warmer foods. He has to drink many liquids.

Psychomental is adaptable, fast in thought and action. It puts a lot of energy in all its actions and emotions, which gives it passion. But its energy is limited, it takes time to recover, so it may seem unstable. She needs a mental motivation to act. It's not as impressive as the Kapha type, so it may seem more harsh.

If Pitta Dosha imbalances occur, pain may occur in the form of burning, inflammation and even feverish conditions. Frequently these people have gastric or even gastric hyperacidity, problems with the liver and gall bladder.

This mix of essential oils has an aromatic flavor with anti-inflammatory, refreshing and soothing effects.



• Amyris regulates heart functions, has calming, detoxifying effects and delay of aging.

• Mint has a very refreshing effect, being useful for nausea. It has a cleansing effect on the mind and stimulates mental concentration.

• Lemon has an invigorating effect, being useful in the case of indigestion and migraines. It has antioxidant, detoxifying and antibacterial effects.

• The Himalayan Salt (wintergreen) has a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, being useful in cases of joint inflammation and fever.

• Fennel has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effects and improves digestive functions.



Direct inhalation

If you can not use a diffuser for essential oils, aromatherapy can be done with your own body. Just pour 3-4 drops of oil into your hands, breathe in, and then enjoy the extraordinary effects of essential oils.

Topical application

Due to the solubility of essential oils in fat, they are effectively absorbed by the skin. Topical application is a simple method of using essential oils, but this should be done with caution. It is preferable to combine with base oil such as olive oil before application, thus avoiding possible irritation or skin damage caused by the high concentration of essential oils.

Aromatic bath

Adding essential oils to the bath tub is an extremely pleasant and relaxing way to enjoy the therapeutic effects of oils. Pour a few drops of oil directly into the bathtub or to increase efficiency using a salt base beforehand.


Another way to administrate essential oils is ingestion. This can be done by adding 3 drops of oil max 3 times a day in a glass of water, tea or juice. Also, honey is indicated for the homogenization of oils and for safer administration.

Normally, small amounts of essential oils do not affect the tooth enamel, but it is recommended to rinse the mouth after administration. Also, for more safety, you can use a straw for internal administration of essential oils.



The lid of the oil recipient is provided with a child safety system so that they can not open it easily. Therefore, to open the cover, it is necessary to press and rotate to the left at the same time. When unsealing the bottle, it will be necessary to exercise a greater force to break the seal.