Essential Oils Set 1 (4 x 20 ml)

Set Essential Oils 1 (4 x 20 ml) + difuzor CADOU


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Essential Oils Set 1 (4 x 20 ml)

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When purchasing the 4 oil set, you get a diffuser for free!

The set contains:

1. Vata Dosha essential oil - 20 ml

This blend of essential oils has a sweet-flavored taste, with a very pleasant smell, and the main effects are soothing, relaxing and antispasmodic. It is a mild heater and circulatory stimulant. They are of great help in the case of digestive disorders with psycho-emotional stress, it even helps to relieve panic attacks. It helps to ease the agitation that occurs in the evening, when human beings in this category can not decouple from day-to-day activities, favoring the installation of restful sleep and pleasant dreams.It is useful for colic pains, muscle and menstrual cramps.


2. Pitta Dosha essential oil - 20 ml

This blend of essential oils has an aromatic flavor with anti-inflammatory, refreshing and soothing effects. It has a cleansing effect on the mind and stimulates mental concentration, has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effects and improves digestive functions.


3. Kapha Dosha essential oil - 20 ml

This blend of essential oils has a spicy flavor, warming effects, digestive and blood circulation stimulants, removes excess mucus, relieves laziness, fatigue, and depression.


4. Relax Therapy essential oil - 20 ml

Relax Therapy is a complex combination of essential oils, with calming, relaxing and anti-sliding effects, is the perfect remedy after a long day of work. It can help in case of prolonged stress, agitation and even prevents panic attacks. It has an antispastic effect, being helpful for all the pains that occur in the form of cramps. 


5. Freeways Essential Oils diffuser  - FREE

Water-free Essential Oils diffuser with 20 hours autonomy and USB charging. It is provided with a 10 ml bottle that refills with oil after consumption. The diffuser has 3 levels of intensity that adjust according to the room size and the next operating cycle: 1 minute of function / 1 minute pause.