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Liquid Iron (500 ml) 2+1 -

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Iron is contained in a large variety of foods, but it is not absorbed in the intestine unless it is valency changed in the stomach in the presence of vitamin C. In other words, when we consume foods rich in iron, we should associate them with food rich in vitamin C. 

The benefits of iron
Iron has numerous benefits for the human body:

- part of the red blood cell formation, being important in the formation of haeme/haemoglobin witch is supposed to bind oxygen so that it fulfils its function of conferring the oxygen taken from the lungs tissues;
- interferes with liver metabolism;

- it intervenes in reducing oxidative stress and fighting free radicals in the body;
- this mineral also intervenes in cellular energy systems;
- is indispensable for the activation of intracellular enzymes in our body;
- reduces ageing processes and maintains youth through both its body oxygenation and intracellular energy systems, as well as by reducing oxidative stress - thus, a series of senescence (ageing) processes are dimmed;
- this mineral interferes with the nervous system functions;
- stimulates the immune system;
- iron deficiency increases the risk of cancer, demonstrating the anticancer protection of this mineral;
 -participates in bone metabolism;
- this mineral is important for the muscular system. 

Daily iron nutritional requirements
Child 1-3 years: approximately 15 mg of iron per day;

Child 4-10 years: 10 mg iron / day;
Boy 11-18 years: 18 mg iron/day;
Girl 11-18 years: 18 mg iron/day;
Adult male: 10 mg iron/day;
Adult women: 10 mg of iron per day. 

Iron food sources
Iron is contained in a lot of foods: meat, raw vegetables, fruits such as peaches, apricots, figs, dates, cranberries, raisins, berries, cherries etc. oil fruit (nuts, seeds, sesame, raw hazelnuts, raw peanuts), green leaves (green salad, garden patience, parsley, lovage, spinach, nettles).