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FRW Gold (500 ml) -

32 Euro
26.89 Euro VAT exclusive
SKU: FRW0073

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In traditional medicine, gold was used to regenerate weakened organs, regulate the endocrine system, maintain joint health, regulate blood flow and normalize blood pressure.


Presentation: 500 ml bottle


Ingredients: 0,0015% colloidal metal gold, 99,99% purity, 99,995% purified water, 499,975 g / 500ml, purity <1μS / cm. Product 100% natural, does not contain flavors, additives, stabilizers, preservatives or allergenic substances.


1. Contributes to the reduction of stress, anxiety, depressive states, agitation
2. It supports the restoration of cellular bioelectric flux and the restoration of the electromagnetic field
3. Contribute to the rapid recovery of injured tissues
4. Contribute to the protection of teeth, enamel enhancing and prevents the appearance of caries
5. Contribute to reducing bacterial plaque
6. Supports a good functioning of the liver
7. Contribute to increasing the intelligence coefficient


5 ml 2 to 3 times a day are kept in the mouth for 30-60 seconds.
Accidental swallowing poses no danger.


Precautions for internal use:
There are no side effects. It's not toxic or allergenic. There is no danger of particle accumulation in the body. Gold particles are removed within about 72 hours of ingestion. It does not create addictive or habitual phenomena, with the possibility of long-term use. For people with special sensitivities (anemia, rare diseases, etc.), we recommend that you seek advice from the specialist before using the product.