Elastic armrests with tourmaline and magnetic fiber (2 pcs)

Cotiere elastice cu turmalina si fibra magnetica (2 buc.)


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Elastic armrests with tourmaline and magnetic fiber (2 pcs)

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Tourmaline and magnetic fiber armrests are a therapeutic device. They fit perfectly and support the optimal functioning of the muscular and osteo-articular systems.



  1. Tourmaline
  2. Magnetic fiber (obtained by nanotechnology from magnetic stone)
  3. Polyester
  4. Spandex

Tourmaline is a semi-precious silicon crystal with a variable, complex chemical structure, comprising aluminum and boron atoms. It is used in alternative medicine and has been recognized since ancient times for its therapeutic and protective properties, which manifest itself both physically, mentally and emotionally. The therapeutic and protective effects of tourmaline are not only related to the physical, it also has benefits on the mental and emotional sphere.

As a natural element, tourmaline has no side effects or degradation on the body. In contact with the human body, the tourmaline crystal heats up, generating an electric field and a magnetic field of reduced intensity and emitting infrared rays with high wavelength and negative ions (anions). All these act simultaneously on the body and help to obtain therapeutic effects of a higher intensity:

  1. Antioxidant effect, preventing cell wear and helping to eliminate the signs of premature aging;
  2. It increases cellular metabolism, improves the exchange of substances;
  3. Powerful revitalizer, with direct effect on the energy center of vitality;
  4. Protector against electromagnetic radiation and negative energy emissions;
  5. Anti-stress effect, helping to balance the normal functioning of the central and vegetative nervous system (restoring the normal rhythm activity-rest, sleep-wake);
  6. It stimulates the activity of the endocrine system and is a good lymphatic drainage;
  7. Stimulates immunity;
  8. Hepatic and nerve tissue regenerator;
  9. Increases potency, fertility and stimulates sexual function;Improves blood quality and helps remove toxins deposited on the walls of blood vessels;
  10. Strong detoxifying effect, helping to eliminate toxins that cause unpleasant diseases and smells, antibacterial effect;
  11. Helps increase visual acuity;
  12. It reduces headaches, dizziness and stimulates memory;
  13. Strong protective effect, which can be used as an energy shield, for the purification of the air in the house, as well as to bring prosperity and peace. Increases the ability to concentrate.

Magnetotherapy is a branch of alternative medicine that aims to use magnets to treat certain diseases and to reduce the pain associated with them. The basis of magnet therapy is the fact that certain cells and tissues of the body exhibit electromagnetic impulses that, as a result of certain disorders, degrade. Magnetotherapy is used to rebuild energy fields, restore balance and restore organs and tissues to their healthy state.

Magnetotherapy specialists say that this alternative treatment has a number of benefits on the body, including:

  1. Removal of headaches, menstrual, joint pain;
  2. Elimination of insomnia, stress, fatigue;
  3. Blurring of scars and other unsightly signs;
  4. Improvement of blood circulation, digestive, renal function;
  5. Optimal healing of fractures, ulcers;
  6. Treatment of sprains, contusions and other traumas.

Product benefits:

  1. It reduces inflammation
  2. Improves blood circulation
  3. It reduces the recovery period and intensifies the tissue regeneration
  4. Reduces muscle fatigue
  5. Helps eliminate toxins
  6. Lactic acid content in blood decreases