Multivitamins and minerals (180 cps)

Multivitamine si minerale (180 cps)


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Multivitamins and minerals (180 cps)

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Mutivitamin and minerals is a product that provides the daily needs of vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining optimal health of the body. In its composition, the product contains the following elements: magnesium, silicon, zinc, selenium, calcium, vitamin C and a vitamin B complex: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12.

By the complexity of its composition, the product contributes to supplementing the body's mineral and vitamin requirements.


Presentation: 180 capsules vial



1. Calcareous Algae (Lithotamnium calcareum) - 318 mg

2. Marine Magnesium, natural extract from seawater - 72 mg

3. Acerola (Malphigia glabra) - fruit - extract 11: 1 with at least 17% Vitamin C - 70 mg

4. Equidae (Equisetum arvense) - 7% silicon extract - 60 mg

5. Beer yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) - Forte B 100 extract - 50 mg

6. Yeast (Sacharomyces cerevisiae) - extract with min 100,000 ppm Zinc - 20 mg

7. Yeast (Sacharomyces cerevisiae) - extract with min. 2000 ppm Selenium - 10 mg

8. Gelatin capsule




1. Contributes to normal blood clotting

2. Contributes to normal energy metabolism, to normal neurotransmission

3. Contributes to digestive enzymes

4. Contributes to the process of cell division and differentiation

5. Contributes to maintaining the health of the bone and tooth systems


1. Contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion

2. Contributes to electrolyte balance

3. Contributes to normal energy metabolism

4. Contributes to the optimal functioning of the nervous and muscular system

5. Contributes to protein synthesis and maintain mental health


1. Supports the good functioning of the immune system

2. Contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland

3. Contributes to protecting cells against oxidative stress

4. Contributes to maintaining the health of hair and nails

5. Contributes to maintaining normal fertility and reproduction

6. Contributes to maintaining blood testosterone concentration

7. Contributes to normal DNA synthesis and cell division


1. Supports the normal functioning of the immune system

2. Contributes to the functioning of the thyroid gland

3. Contributes to protecting cells against oxidative stress

4. Supports normal spermatogenesis

5. Contributes to maintaining hair and nail health


1. Supports the normal assimilation of calcium

2. It contributes to the restoration of damaged bone tissue and to normal collagen production

3. Contributes to the regeneration of connective tissues

4. Contributes to maintaining the health of blood vessels

5. Contributes to the inhibition of degenerative processes in the nervous system


1. Contributes to the optimal functioning of the immune system

2. Contributes to normal cognitive function

3. Contributes to the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin

4. Contributes to the transport of oxygen in the body

5. Supports good functioning of the cardiorespirato device



1-2 cps 3 times / day, 1 hour before or after meal

The maximum dose provides 100% the Mg and Ca requirements for the body.


The maximum recommended daily dose is:

1. Calcium: 537.7 mg, 74% VNR

2. Magnesium: 237.6 mg, 63% VNR

3. Vitamin C: 71.4 mg, 89.75% VNR

4. Vitamin B1: 1,628 mg, 148% VNR

5. Vitamin B2: 2.09 mg, 149% VNR

6. Vitamin B3: 19.7 mg, 123% VNR

7. Vitamin B5: 7.78 mg, 130% VNR

8. Vitamin B6: 2.4 mg, 171% VNR

9. Vitamin B7: 66.3 mcg, 132% VNR

10. Vitamin B9: 279.3 mcg, 140% VNR

11. Vitamin B12: 3.35 mcg, 134% VNR

12. Zinc: 12 mg, 120% VNR

13. Selenium: 120 mcg, 218% VNR

(VNR = Nutritional Reference Values, see Regulation 1169/2011).