Green Coffee (90 cps)

Cafea Verde (90 cps)


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Green Coffee (90 cps)

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Green coffee beans are unroasted beans from the coffee tree and show far greater benefits to the body than roasted coffee because it loses some of the natural antioxidants as a result of the roasting.

Chlorogenic acid, the basic coffee component to stimulate metabolism, and to prevent and combat weight problems, is also lost when the coffee acts on heat.


Presentation: 90 capsules vial



Green coffee (Coffea robusta) - hydroalcoholic extract (wheat maltodextrin) from seeds with min. 40% chlorogenic acids - 500 mg



1. Contributes to good functioning of the pancreas

2. Contributes to the normalization of appetite

3. Supports normal management of surplus water in tissues

4. Contributes to maintaining normal body weight

5. Contributes to maintaining normal blood glucose and serum cholesterol levels.



Adults and children over 12 years: 2 cps twice / day, 1 hour before or after meal



To be administered with caution to pregnant or nursing women. Keep out of reach and sight of small children. Keep well closed, away from moisture and heat. The product is a dietary supplement and should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption.

The product may cause a decrease in blood glucose. People with diabetes should consult their doctor to adjust their medication.