Sleeping system with graphene and magnets

Sistem de dormit cu grafen si magneti


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Sleeping system with graphene and magnets

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"Human being as a whole needs sleep as the clock needs to be turned." - Arthur Schopenhauer

What is sleep?

Sleep is a temporary, spontaneously reversible physiological state, with features of surprising vigilance and slowing of metabolism. - Larousse medical


Who needs a healthy sleep?

We all need it. There are people who fall asleep in just a few minutes without headaches, even with the light on. But there are still more and more people who have difficulty falling asleep or having a restful, relaxing, refreshing sleep.

Unfortunately, insufficient sleep has become a way of life for many of us. Over the last 50 years, modern society has lost on average two hours of sleep, a reality that affects our health and workforce.


What happens when we sleep?

Although during sleep the ability to perceive the world - to hear, to touch, to see - is lost, yet the body and the brain continue to remain active. Many vital functions are adjusted during sleep.

During sleep, the body rests but does not stop working. When we sleep, our body recovers (sleep is indispensable for the proper functioning of the immune system).

The need to sleep is as important and natural as the need to breathe, to drink, to eat.

Sleep deprivation on the other hand is associated with an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, stroke and infarction. There are also studies demonstrating the link between lack of sleep and low immunity.


How does Freeways help us get better sleep?

Dedicating almost one-third of our lives to sleep and relaxation, the bed layout, the comfort of mattresses and linen used, and the materials they are made of, become a priority for our health and well-being.

The sleeping system offered by Freeways provides a sum of benefits through the unique combination of completely natural elements such as graphene, magnets, cotton and wool.


What does Freeways Sleeping System contain?

Wellness Technology sleeping system with graphene and magnets from FREEWAYS contains:

1. Topper with graphene and magnets

• 100 magnets

• Filling: 150 g of negative ion cotton and 400 g of plain cotton

• Dimensions: 180 x 200 cm

• Weight: 3.5 kg

2. Bed linen set with tourmaline

• Bed sheet (dimensions 245x270 cm)

• Folded board (dimensions 200x230 cm)

• Front pillow x 2 (48x74 cm)

3. Quilt with graphene, wool and magnets

• 100 magnets

• Filling: Negative ion wool

• Dimensions: 200x230 cm

• Weight: 3.5 kg

4. Pillows with graphene and magnets

• 42 magnets

• Cotton filling with FAR Infrared

• Dimensions: 46x70x10 cm

• Weight: 1.3 kg



What is Graphene?

Graphene, considered the material of the future, is composed of carbon atoms extracted from graphite, disposed in a hexagonal mesh as a honeycomb, of the thickness of an atom. The carbon, from which the graphene is extracted, is one of the most important elements on our planet.


The effects of graphene based on infrared (FRAI)

• Stimulates blood circulation

• Improves metabolism

• Contributes to enriching the body with oxygen

• Helps to remove toxins by sweat

• Helps maintain health and good mood

• Helps deep muscle relaxation

• Reduces fatigue


The graphene effects due to negative charge ions:

• Increases cell metabolism, improves substances exchange;

• Improves local blood circulation;

• Restores the function of the lymphatic system;

• Regulates the endocrine system;

• Calming effect on the nervous system;

• anti-allergic action;

• Regulates blood pressure, improves myocardial functions;

• Improves the functions of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract;

• Helps to eliminate toxins;

• Neutralizes the unpleasant odor of the body.


In synthesis, graphene stimulates blood circulation and improves blood quality, allowing it to penetrate into the thinnest capillaries, feeding the body with vital energy.

It also helps to fuel the body with oxygen, improves mood, mental status, and increases learning and working ability.



What is magnetotherapy?

Magnetic fields that cross the earth have a major impact on living organisms. At the same time, our body has its own magnetism. The strongest magnetic field is created by the brain while we are sleeping.

Magnetotherapy involves applying various magnets to various areas of the body, which act on human ionic and electromagnetic fluxes, thus facilitating the healing or amelioration of physical state. Magnetotherapy acts at the cellular level, thus taking place a self-healing process of the body.

The Freeways sleeping system acts as a true energy cocoon that facilitates the regeneration and energy balance of the body, helping us to enjoy a relaxing and deep sleep with beneficial health effects.

"Sleep means health. There is no pain that sleep can not cure. "- Honore de Balzac


• The product should not be cleaned in the washing machine;

• The product should not be exposed to high temperatures;

• The product should not be cleaned using chemical detergents;

• It is recommended to use dry cleaning technology in specialized cleaners.