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About us

A company with an atypical start, Freeways appeared as a result of the development of a classical business which, due to the extremely appreciated products, has drawn a wave of recommendations. Thus, Freeways was founded, to support our clients in improving the quality of their life, to help and reward, as it is ethical, the people that are satisfied with our products and come back to us, also bringing recommendations.

This is, at the same time, the reason why we trust that, no matter what you do and where you are, you will always find something attractive to you. Because Freeways was founded on ethical criteria, out of respect for people, for life.

Own production

The group of companies that Freeways Global is part of has its own factory close to Brasov, which provides a large part of the products in our portfolio. For the other products, we have outsourced the production to our partners from abroad, and they are manufactured according to the specifications and standards of quality set by Freeways.

Incorporated in July 2016, Freeways Global is a business with 100% Romanian capital, with an initial investment of approximately 1,000,000 Euro. This investment consists in modernizing the machines and in purchasing raw materials to be able to support production and distribution at European level. Also, an important budget was allocated to research and development.


The enterprise is managed by its two founders: Emil Catruna and Iulian Prigoreanu.

EMIL CATRUNA is the owner of several successful Romanian brands. He is persuaded that, without MLM, his life would have been completely different. And this would be because, although he has a vast experience in classical entrepreneurship, he is however a great supporter of business in multilevel marketing system, both due to the financial and personal freedom that it provides, and due to the fact that MLM represents an incontestable opportunity of personal development. In his opinion, network marketing is the only sale and business manner that is able to offer to anyone the chance to be successful in the social environment, providing at the same time a huge potential of development on the other levels as well.

„If I had not had the network marketing experience, I would not be managing several classical successful companies right now. MLM provides a very practical, pragmatic image of life, of money and of human relations. I see it as the most natural sale manner. We all know so many people who have started from scratch, and who have reached fulminant success in network marketing. And not just because they were lucky or they sold, but because MLM offered them the necessary framework to reach the desired goals. As far as I am concerned, my personal development in network marketing made me see more of myself and of what I can do. In MLM, I have learnt to invest in people. Without this investment, I would not have had any classical business, any kind of business, actually.”

IULIAN PRIGOREANU is a business man, a trainer and a mentor. Licensed in Marketing and Business Management, Iulian Prigoreanu has a rich experience both in classical business, and in network marketing. He is convinsed that network marketing, a field where he has an experience of over 15 years as a distributor, is one of the best business schools, and he claims this by his personal example: his own success in classical business was considerably influenced by his network marketing experience.

“I started my career in network marketing businesses. Later, I entered the classical business area, which I have always managed, however, as partnerships. I always wanted to have a permanent contribution to financial evolution and to develop myself personally as well as the people who I work with. Because this is what I believe it is fair. To evolve together. I am excited to come back to network marketing, even if I am now on the position of co-founder of such a company, because here, personal development comes naturally. People understand quickly that they need to develop personally so that they may influence and be followed by the people around them.”