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Ever since I was a child I felt an exaggerated need of consuming sweets. Sometimes I felt that I could not refrain from consuming food products which contained a large quantity of sugar. Thanks to the Garcinia extract I added to my diet, I felt a reduced need of consuming sweets. At about two weeks from the start of administration of capsules with Garcinia Extract (2 capsules/day) I felt the first effects. I recommend Garcinia Extract to all those who want to lose weight and who want to eliminate the processed sugar from their daily diet.  

Alexandra V., 25 years old


I am a lover of mountains and exercise in open air. Either it is walking, or bicycle riding or even heavy working at winch when I go aut with friends in off-road, the need of a diet who offers me energy and regeneration has always existed. Ever since I started increasing the number of exercise hours by cardio and force training at gym, I started taking 4 capsules of L-Arginine 30 minutes before the training and 4 capsules of Spiruline right afterwards. The two types of nutritional supplements come in complete synergy, I say, adapted to my energy needs necessary for training (in case of L-Arginine) and muscular regeneration in the period between training sessions (in case of Spiruline). These supplements have an increased effect if I consume them with alkaline water. For about a year I have been using the mug for purification and alkalinisation of water which I take during my training sessions because of the high capacity of hydration and balancing of blood pH. The prices and accessibility of these products are more than decent either if I purchase them from Freeways website or from the pharmacy. 

Bogdan U., 32 years old


When I consumed the regular coffee (at coffee pot, at filter, at coffee machine etc.), I used to feel a tremor and nervousness state. Since I consumed the therapeutic coffee with Cordyceps and Ganoderma, these unwanted conditions have fully disappeared. On the contrary, this type of coffee gives me an energy which is released gradually and who eliminated completely the state of drowsiness I often used to experience in the past. 

Angela V.  48 years old


As general practitioner and homeopath with 30 years of experience, I was always attracted and interested in the natural capacity of the human being to heal, especially with the support given by the ecosystem of our planet. In February 2017 I started testing a part of Freeways products together with my family and my close friends, and the positive results soon appeared. I started recommending these products to my patients who, after their administration, enjoyed the improvement of disorders they presented initially at examination. Among the products with excellent results, I want to mention:

Calcareous Algae: osteopenia and osteoporosis 

Artichoke + Olive oil: biliary dyskinesia, chronic hepatitis 

Chitosan: dyslipidemia, osteopenia, poisoning with heavy metals (normalization of mercury values in blood), polymorphous acne   

Natural B Complex: asthenia, post-surgery disc hernia, lumbar spondylosis   

Garcinia Extract: weight surplus 

Simple Graviola: adjuvant in neoplasic disorders

Graviola and gâc: improvement of sight

Gymnema Extract: diabetes mellitus type 2, non-insulin-dependent

L-Arginine: liver disorders, sexual dysfunctions in men, kidney disorders  

Mineral Zeolite: polymorphous acne, parodontosis, gastric hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers, disorders of circulatory system, neurological disorders, rheumatism disorders, tumoral, hepatic, renal disorders 

Natural Multimineral: asthenia, post-surgery recovery 

Passiflora + Magnesium: nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks 

Healthy Hair and Nails: deteriorated hair, friable nails

Renal: infections with E. coli

RQ Imuno: immunity increase

RQ Prostate: prostate adenoma, prostatitis

Natural Selenium: thyroid disorders, autoimmune thyroiditis 

Vegetal Silica: trophic disorders of nails

Organic Shower Gel: dehydrated skin

Organic Shampoo: skull problems

Water purification mug: for daily consumption of alkaline, micronized water  


Dr. Violeta Camelia Horia – Primary Physician in General Medicine and Homeopathy 


I use colloidal silver, garcinia and vitamins for hair and nails, they help me very much, I am very satisfied with them!!


Andreea S., 33 years old